Agenda in brief
mPaymemt   UKTelemedia

09:30 - 10:00

Charge to Mobile – The Opportunity for Merchants

Research shows that 75% of European users prefer carrier billing for digital content purchases - if the option is available. Carrier billing also allows vendors to profit from 60% higher conversion rates (for 1st time transactions) and enjoy a 70% higher conversion rates (for 2nd transactions) - compared with credit card billing. Ignore it at your peril!


Dr Windsor Holden,
Head of Forecasting & Consultancy, Juniper Research

09:30 - 10:00

Capitalising on the ever-changing legal, regulatory and commercial landscape

For providers and merchants alike, understanding the difference between PSD2 and an e-money licence – and how they work together - is vital to expanding business and running great services from engagement to payment.

• PSD2
• e-money licences
• Charge 2 Mobile
• Merchant / end user demands

Sharan Rattan, Three
Rory Maguire, AIME

10:05 - 11:00

Hitting a moving target – making mpayments engaging and / or making engagement pay!

C2M is a great way to generate new revenues on mobile devices where advertising is increasingly hard to monetise. But mobile is also the primary consumer engagement channel which can then lead to a transaction.

• SMS, apps and messaging
• New content payment models
• Capturing data


If the consumer can’t find you…
Its fine to build an engaging experience, but how do consumers find you in the first place?
Rory Mudie, Redbox

How to turn engagement into payments and payments into relationships
Suresh Patel, mGage


Expanding on the presentations we discuss the issues with:
Rory Mudie, Redbox
Suresh Patel, mGage
Jason Shaw, txtNation

10:05 - 11:00

The future regulation of premium rate services in the UK – where now?

Building on previous conference sessions and feedback from a variety of industry working groups, it’s time for a regulatory update and some frank discussion on what regulation now looks like after the PPP judicial review.

• Where next?
• The Effect on Affiliates
• The Effect on Service Creation
• Selling a Positive Industry Image

Emma Wright, Bond Dickinson LLP
Rory Maguire AIME
Declan Pettit, MCP

Coffee & Networking Break   Coffee & Networking Break
11:30 - 12:30

Getting consumer buy-in and delivering customer service

A look at how to create consumer awareness, gain consumer buy in and gain consumer trust, this session will outline how the industry sees itself promoting charge to mobile services to consumers and again involving an audience of merchants in discussing how best to serve the needs of the end users.

• Marketing and branding services
• Customer acquisition
• Working with merchants
• Service flow
• Consumers protection
• Complaints and “bill shock”
• Refunds and charge backs
• Managing data

Sharan Rattan, Three
Naomi Maggs, EE
Chris Newell, ImpulsePay
Kevin Dawson, Oxygen8


11:30 – 12:30

How to optimise compliant services and promotions.

Gavin Dent, Empello

Changes to the regulatory environment that make the UK open for business!

A look at how the UK market is regulated, monitored and policed with an insight into

• Service compliance
• Understanding market share
• How PPP makes the system work
• Other payments fit with PRS regs

Toby Padgham, MCP
Gavin Dent, Empello
Jo Prowse, PPP

Lunch & Networking

  Lunch & Networking

mPaymemt   UKTelemedia
14:00 - 14:30

Finding your place in the m-payment ecosystem

To put charge to mobile in some context, we take a wry romp through the complex world of mobile payments; assessing what else is out there and what it might be offering your customers


Tim Green, Editor,

14:00 - 14:30

Service creation: thinking outside the box

Trying to do something not done before? Looking at creating a money-making service that uses messaging, charge to mobile and more in a unique way? Wondering where your novel service fits in with all the rules and regs discussed already? We show you how to do it

Naomi Maggs, Partner Operations Manager, EE
Stephanie Ayres, Payforit Management Group Secretariat

14:35 - 16:00

Leading by example

So who is doing a great job within vertical markets and what are the secrets of their success? We’ve lined up a range of key players who already have digital payments services up and running and find out what they’re doing to make it work:

PRESENTATION How Charge to mobile works in practice

Hear how charge to mobile works, how to set it up and where it has already been used to great effect
Chris Newell, ImpulsePay

PRESENTATION The gaming angle

What the gaming industry wants from m-payments and engagement uncovered
David Sheridan, mGage

PRESENTATION From Irish Road tolls to African payments
A look at how charge to mobile and m-payments are already being used across the world to great effect
Kevin Dawson, Oxygen8

The pioneers of getting charge to mobile out there in the public eye and with huge experience of using it, we hear how this leading charity puts it to use
Jacqueline Hill, Comic Relief

The other key early adopter of charge to mobile has been broadcast. Following on from Comic Relief, we hear how the BBC makes charge to mobile work
Claire McLaughlin, BBC

What's the opportunity for print media? Can it embrace the mpayment arena effectively and profitably and what will help it do so? Is there enough knowledge around to aid the process? Who are the initial movers in the space in world media?
Mark Challinor, INMA

14:35 - 15:15

How to reach a wider market whilst building in existing business sectors

It’s time to consider the next steps in service development and industry advancement. We kick off with some workshops on what key end user sectors want from telemedia companies.

• Retailers
• TV and Broadcast
• Media companies
• Charities
• Publishers
• Gaming & Gambling providers

Claire McLaughlin, BBC
Mark Challinor, INMA
Tony Pearce, GamesGrabbr
Rob Weisz, fonix


15:15 - 16:00


With the industry gathered in London for the M-Payment summit, AIME will be running three workshops:

• The 13th Code

The PhonepayPlus Code of practice (13th edition) will go live on July 1st and already a 14th Code is being debated. Find out what’s changed and how that might affect your business.


16:00 - 17:15 Coffee & Breakdowns Coffee & Networking Break
16.00 - 17:15

How can it work for you? – Breakout
Following on from our case studies, the audience gets to break out with leading experts from the Charge to Mobile industry to discuss how to practically apply mpayment technology in their respective business sectors.

Chris Newell, ImpulsePay
Nick Millward, mGage
Ana Reed-Davis, txtNation
Kevin Dawson, Oxygen8
Anthony Baladi, fonix

16.30 - 17:15


New Guidance

New Guidance on how to comply with the 13th Code conditions is about to be released. What areas of guidance have changed and how will it affect your business?

AIME will also run a session on Consumer Contracts Regulation and your role as a distance seller of digital goods.

17:15 - 18:00

Next steps and future strategies


Charge to mobile – what next?
Andrew Beurschgens, Head, Market and Competitive Intelligence, EE

17:35-18:00 PANEL DEBATE Future strategies
In such a crowded and complex market you have to “box-clever” to really develop a future proof strategy for your payment tools, new services and how it all works together. So where are is the technology going, what do telemedia end users want in the future and what is the industry going to do to deliver it?

We hear from the experts and leading mobile strategists.

• Alternative payment strategies
• Next gen Charge to Mobile products
• Future challenges of flexible price points
• Charging for physical goods
• Keeping it competitive

Claire McLaughlin, BBC
Mark Challinor, INMA
Andrew Beurschgens, EE
Chris Newell, ImpulsePay
Michael Whelan, txtNation

17:15 - 18:00


Special Conditions

The 13th Code saw a revolutionary change from a “Prior Permission” regime to “Special Conditions” for many services. What has changed in the transposition between the two?

Are you now running a “high risk” service without realising it?


Fully supported by Telemedia Magazine, the inaugural AIME Awards will be held directly after the show, with all profits going to this important industry body. All participants are welcome.

If you have a company or someone you would like to nominate for these awards – please download the form, fill in and send back to AIME. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE NOMINATION FORM

• What carrier billing is and why you should be using it
• How easy is it to implement a range of working solutions
• The various conditions of payment and how to get the best rates
• How progressive businesses are already “booming” thanks to mPayments
• The industry and the providers that can help you get the most out of it

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